Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Perfection....what is it ?... my thoughts.

Perfection is living through unconditional love and living in a state of continual forgiveness. It is releasing yourself from your ego and opening your heart knowing you are a divine being and God is within you and you withhold all in which our creator holds. Our creator is perfection and perfection is within us.

It is something we all strive for yet we already are. It is something we are told that we are not and have been conditioned through our religion and government to forget that we are.

Perfection is living life and enjoying what it has to offer, being aware of what it is trying to teach you, show you, or bring to your attention. The magnificent way it lovingly guides you in order to reach your chosen goals and full potential.

Perfection is seeing through the eyes of God at all times. It is knowing we are all one, we all come from the same source and what one feels, effects everyone.

Perfection is knowing that every soul need not ever be judged, for they are here to learn and seeing them through loving eyes, through compassion, through your heart will only help speed their evolution as well as yours, along with raising the entire populations energy vibration.

Impeccable, humble, honest, integrity, love, compassion,..perfection encompasses these actions as well as many other words that describe love, peace and harmony among all beings.

When we see the world through our heart, our actions will naturally fall under what can only be described as perfection. Our creator is perfection, and we are an extension of that, which is perfect. As we begin to wake up and start the healing process, we begin to see the perfection that is within.

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