Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to transmute your experiences.

In order to transmute your experiences, you must first accept them all as learning experiences, and find the lesson in which it was trying to show you. Then we must let it become a healthy part of who we are. We experience, integrate and then transmute the experience, with who we are.

When a negative experience presents itself to you, it can feel like poison, the fears, heavy emotions, memories, and physical symptoms it can conjure up or trigger may seem like poison to our body and can reek havoc on our mind, body and even spirit.

When we can see why and what the experience is trying to show us, if we are conscious of what it is that's really going on, or know that all things happen for a reason, if we can take what needs to be learned out of a situation, it becomes neutralizes and we can then begin to transmute the negative aspects into a learning experience quickly and this allows what was learned to become part of who we are.

For example if you have struggled throughout your life, just to make ends meet, then you learned how to adapt. You always found a way. You are here and you reading this, so now you have to own the skill of always making ends meet. Some may become bitter over time and even resent those who seem to be well off financially. They have not transmuted their experiences with money, lacking, jealousy, what ever it is that is hurting them deep down, in a healthy way.

Those who struggle and still live their life with joy and embrace what is good, sharing their experiences about hardship with others who are struggling in the present, those who have been humbled by their lack of money and now offer what they can to help others,... they have transmuted their experience in a healthy way.

It has become a HEALTHY aspect of they the are. They are not burdened with negative thoughts or emotions from the past experience. Not only are they free of any resentment they now use their past experience to help others.

This is transmuting your experience !

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