Monday, August 1, 2011

Take your power back. You're not a victim.

Well, if you feel you are..... it would be my most loving suggestion that you, change that very thought immediately. Being or considering yourself a victim keeps your vibrational frequency lower than necessary. Releasing yourself from being a victim instantaneously raises your vibration.There are infinite ways you may see yourself as a victim, and there is or was always a lesson for which you are to learn from. Feeling like a victim depletes your energy  and give away your power. This is not necessary.

Take control of your experience and stop letting it control you. Take back your power. Remember this thought...What ever you do to me I have the ability to get over it ! See all your experiences as learning experiences and knowledge gained. Use your experiences to help others who have been through similar experiences and are struggling in dealing with it.

Life is one big earth school with endless opportunities to learn and see things through your heart, to help those around us who are suffering. Heal from your experience. Honour your feelings by feeling them. If you feel like crying then cry, but be consciously aware that you are releasing these feeling in order to heal from them.

If you are angry, then feel angry, just do not react to the anger. Only experience the anger as an emotion you are experiencing in that moment. It will pass and although it may take some time, if your intention is to heal from whatever experience that has kept you feeling like a victim, then guidance will be provided, it will provide signs or syncronisities to help your healing process, but it is your job to notice and act upon it.

If you are unsure how to heal from a specific experience then ask for guidance, pray, and be ready to receive your answer in any way it might come, then be sure to follow through even when the going gets tough.

When we loose our victim hood, we regain our power and when we regain our power we have plenty to spare, so we are now able to help others heal from similar experiences and there is no greater feeling, than sharing your loving guidance to another soul who is feeling alone in their experience.

It allows you to take your power back.

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