Sunday, July 31, 2011

Once you awaken, things are never quite the same.

It is said that once you open the door, and take a step onto the spiritual path, you can never return the same as you were before. It is as though, when your foot touches the divine path, it ignites a waiting light that has always been there, and your thirst for knowledge and truth only becomes stronger with every step taken.

As you expand your knowledge and make the effort in balancing, healing and learning from your experiences, you are offered or given such amazing gifts and signs that it is impossible to ignore. When you begin to open your heart, so much comes flooding in, on a frequency level that feels so right, so true that you can only crave to understand the truth behind who we really are.

The few who revert completely to their old ways of doing and thinking will only find it even harder to cope with their reality as they have been given specific keys and are aware that there is more, but choose to return to their comfort zone, which isn't quite as comfortable as it was before. You will remain uncomfortable until you make the necessary changes in order to live to your fullest potential. There will always be room for improvement, no matter how long you have been walking the spiritual path.

Most people find that the information they come across, on the spiritual path, will almost immediately create a feeling of truth, within their heart, and it will resin so deep within, that your thirst for the truth in your existence, is amplified, and continuously quenched, only to find there is more, and the cycle repeats only to bring you to the absolute truth as to what amazing being we truly are.

Once you plug into the divine guidance that is always available, it's like hearing the truth for the first time in your life. It is the most empowering and peaceful feeling ever. It can be a challenge at times but it's well worth it. Once you are aware of the truth, your truth, returning to a life that is a lie can create emotional turbulence that could be greatly reduced if you remained connected, and open to the guidance that so loving is trying to have you, take note of.

Stay connected to the truth !

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