Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why people revert to old ways / patterns, when spiritually awakening.

Because it is hard work. Looking at yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, your ''mistakes'' or learning experiences, your past trauma, everything that needs to be released in order to heal and gain balance in your life, that is hard work !! Being honest with yourself and accountable for your actions, can be extremely challenging and implementing the changes necessary can be down right scary.

There are many times throughout our lives, where we are given the opportunity to make the changes that are necessary in order to heal and live more peaceful and productive lives. Unfortunately, yet fortunately there are many bumps and challenges that surface in the process. These challenges... letting go of things, such as old thought patterns, personality traits , people with a much lower vibration than you, material objects and anything else that is holding you back from evolving, are necessary experiences that will not only teach you lessons that will give you greater understanding about yourself, but will allow you to practice the skills you are learning along the way.

This is where people are seen reverting back to their old ways, back to their comfort zone. Life gets tough sometimes and when we are learning new skills and trying to applying them to real life situations, it can feel very overwhelming, uncomfortable, even scary. If we could just learn to push through those feelings and keep trying, as hard as it may seem, we would see that hard times bring good times. This is especially true, I believe, when we made the conscious effort to be aware that these tough experiences are necessary and embrace them for the lessons they will teach us.

It is easy to revert to the old way of thinking, it's comfortable, it's safe, it is what we know. But the old way of thinking is just that... old, and it will not benefit you beyond helping you avoid whatever it is that needs to be done. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, pull up your socks, walk in the trenches for a bit, be conscious of every experience and know that there is a lesson for you in everything that happens around you.

 Don't back down. Be the divine being you are, Be you, Be strong, Be conscious to the fact that some of life's lessons are going to be tough and reverting to old patterns will only cause you more uncomfortable experiences, as things will repeat themselves over and over until you do what needs to be done.

You can do it ! You can do it ! I believe in you !!

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