Sunday, July 17, 2011

UFO's being caught on camera, all over the world.

Keep your eye in the sky. '' They '' are out there and they are letting themselves be known. More and more we are seeing many more sightings being posted on the Internet, especially on You Tube. There seems to be new videos being posted on a weekly basis and not only by citizens but CNN and other news networks.

People need to get used to the idea we ( humans ) are not the only ones in existence.These being that are presenting themselves are not doing so by mistake. They are slowly preparing the general public for their confirmed existence. Their lights in the sky have been captured by hundreds on video, not only at night by one or two witnesses, but they have been seen in broad day light, in major cities, by literally hundreds of by standers, all over the world. They are here and they will make themselves known to all when the time is right.

They wish their arrival to not overwhelm, There are many reasons they hold back being known, including government involvement and human free will. So they are beginning to show themselves in the sky more frequently, sort of desensitizing the public to this drastic "secret" that has been kept from us for way too long.

The Government, whom is well aware of their existence and has been lying to us for, again way too long, They've been given plenty of opportunity to disclose information, but chose to keep their existence a secret as away to control the general population, to keep them working and acting as slaves, while they spend peoples hard earned money on fancy..... everything.

Sound Crazy ???

You see we are divine beings and the existence of other beings, and their being known to the general public, would mean the human race, awakening to fact we are so much more than what the government has lead us to believe.

Now the time has come and these beings, who's light we are seeing all over the world are helping us awaken, so we create that peace and love on earth we so desire.

Some wish for us to know who we really are. They are our Galactic brothers and sisters and they come now to see that the lies are stopped and the truth be known as to what wondrous, creative, Divine Beings we truly are. The government knows this is happening, so do not be afraid to start asking questions about disclosure or the existence of UFO's and other beings. Write letters, make phone calls, it will come either way, but why not start asking for the truth now from the ones who are lying ?

There is so much to ET existence, but one thing is for sure WE ARE NOT ALONE !!! :)

Keep your eyes in the sky, and look for your answers within.
Check out YouTube for some pretty amazing UFO's caught on tape.

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  1. I can hardly wait for arrival. I can feel it if that makes sence