Monday, July 18, 2011

We never miss an opportunty that is meant to be.

Just when you think you've missed your opportunity, you may want to ask yourself if you've really lost YOUR opportunity, or is it possible, that specific opportunity really was not meant for you at all ? That maybe there is anther opportunity that is even better suited for you, coming up ? No one will ever miss an opportunity that was, or is truly meant to be. The opportunity will continuously come to us until we recognize it, as an opportunity.

When we think an opportunity is '' missed'' we tend to experience emotions associated with loss. Such as grief, anxiety, sorrow, worry, even resentment and anger. This is a common reaction to losing out, on what was obviously a very important expectation, that is if you forget... beneficial opportunities or life altering experiences will never be missed, as they are essential for our evolutionary process.

I do believe we sometimes need to see an opportunity come and go in order to realize it IS an opportunity. I also believe sometimes we expect things to happen a certain way and forget that there are guides and other divine beings out there trying to help us and continuously steer us in the right direction and they always do, no matter how many times and ways they have to present it to us.

If you believe you have missed out on a very important opportunity, than relax and ask yourself why this happened ? Where could have your calculations gone wrong when deciding this was the right timing and opportunity for you ? then ....this is when it gets good.... Rejoice, because when you are in a place of uncertainty, this gives you the opportunity to experience ALL opportunities possible. Remember if we limit ourselves to a lot of specific expectations than we limit ourselves to the opportunities that may present themselves.

Remember the bigger picture,....everything happens for a reason, so you will never miss out on an opportunity that is truly meant to be.

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