Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Your ego's role in spirituality

My understanding of the word ego, when it comes to spirituality keeps you attached to the material world and things. It encourages you to fear, it likes you to believe you are not only, not worth achieving your dreams but that it is unsafe to do so. Our ego's intention is really to keep us safe.

When we can let go of our ego and understand that ALL experiences come to you for a great and loving reason, that we are already perfect and understand we just need to love ourselves, trust ourselves and know we are worth all of our dreams and it is safe to achieve them.

The ego likes you to remain where you are, where you are comfortable, where there are no risks, no hard work, or no chance of failure. When you hear yourself saying' I can't', 'I don't know how', 'I'm not worth it' or anything alike, you can guarantee that's your ego hoping to prevent you from doing what you  truly desire, because that would mean letting go of old beliefs that have prevented any risk or possible chance of failure.

When you here yourself saying you are not good enough, or find yourself being defensive about your dreams toward others who doubt you, you can bet the source of these thoughts are from your ego. Our ego is something as you evolve, will call to you less and less. You will come to recognize a thought or feeling that is coming from your ego much easier as you move into a place that is coming from pure love.

Your ego DOES care about you and wants to keep you safe as you are, preventing risk , danger, or change but your ego is no longer necessary. You are worth it, You can do it, You do know how. This is the time to release our egos and BE who we truly are meant to be and forget about not being good enough or special enough or smart enough or good looking enough, or any other thoughts that keep you from your true divine self.

 Thank your ego for all it has done to deep you safe thus far in your life and then release all ego based fear into the light and know you are safe and more than capable of achieving all your desires. Let your ego know that it is no longer needed to keep you safe, that you are safe always and are forever guided by divine intelligence.

Our ego was a very necessary part of our evolution, to bring us to where we are today, but from this day forward it is safe to let go of all ego and live from the heart. You are safe !!

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