Monday, July 18, 2011

Decluttering, yourself !!

When you begin your spiritual journey you may be faced with the urge to start letting go of what no longer acts in your best interest. When we store alot of '' stuff '' in our homes it usually is a reflection of what we have going on within ourselves. There is somewhat of a pattern that can be noticed when someone begins the spiritual journey and healing begins.

 When people start analyzing their emotions and doing some emotional housecleaning, they often find that they then have the urge to do some literal housecleaning, decluttering, redecorating, getting rid of things that are no longer of use.

Then it seems as tough there is a deeper look at the people within their social lives, friends and acquaintances even family, you may find actually hold you back in your evolutionary path. Whether it be because of their pessimism, complaining, bad attitude, or over all negative energy they put out, it is common to have friends that you will choose to no longer associate with; and some, especially family, you may want to limit contact with because their lower vibration may become to much work to cope with.

As you raise your vibration, anything that is not in your best interest seems to some how end up leaving your life. There are many aspects of ourselves that need a good decluttering when we begin our spiritual journey. As we go through this process as tough as some of it is, we begin to realize how much ''junk '' we were actually carrying around, emotionally, mentally, physically, materialistically within our homes and....I'm gonna say it...even within the people we associate with.

Decluttering is part of the process of letting go. Letting go of things and such, that are no longer helping your evolutionary process. Letting go of old thoughts, patterns, material things, habits, friends, beliefs, guilt, trauma, anything and everything that has either a negative or lower energy vibration than your present energy vibration.

Although this may seem intimidating at first, it is a great thing because when areas of your life are cluttered, especially with non useful things, it leaves very little room for anything. Yet when you let go of things, it makes room for new and beneficial things to come into your life, like new thoughts, patterns, friends, experiences that will carry further along you spiritual journey.

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