Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What one soul feels - effects every being ...including nature.

We are all connected. We are all one. We all come from the same source. It only makes sense that when one soul suffers it sends a ripple effect through all souls. Others thoughts, emotions and feelings effect you, as does your energy effect them. It is why it is so important right now that we all begin to do our part to heal ourselves and do what we can to help those around us. Healing yourself or just one other soul, helps every living creature out there on some level. The energy you put out, effects the energy of the entire planet and even more so to those in your immediate environment.
Look at it this way...if we understand we were created from the energy source, some refer to as God, then think about this..... If you were to scoop a cup of water from the ocean, would you still call the water in the cup the ocean, it just came from the ocean and when you return it to its place it IS the ocean, so, if this is true, when a cup of oil is spilled into the ocean, would it not eventually effect the entire ocean ? YES !
So the same is said about our energy. We are energy scooped from this energy source we refer to as God, we come from it and will return to it. All of us, all creatures and living things. Everything ! So this being true, it must be true that what effects one had an effect on everything. When one suffers, everyone, on some level feels it. When one heals, everyone on some level feels it. It all goes into the mass energy humanity is putting out there. There is much chaos working itself out now, and it is why we must keep emitting love, peace and kindness within our hearts and minds, This to effects mother earth and those around us. Loving energy spreads with ease and it is much needed today and everyday from here on out.
We are raising the vibration of earths energy into a peaceful and loving world, and when one soul's suffering ends it benefits everything. You can not force anyone to wake up or begin their journey of healing, but you can always send them your loving and healing thoughts. This will benefit them and although they may not be conscious of it, on some level it will add a sense of peace in their life. This will also give you a sense of peace as well, knowing that even though you can not physically help, your healing energy will be received on some level by them.

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