Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to handle verbally aggresssive non- believers.

You may find as you begin to awaken, or start your spiritual journey, that there are few people in your life that you can share your beliefs with, or go to for advice when it come to finding answers that take in the bigger picture, including the spiritual aspect of an issue. On the other hand you will more than likely come across people who's opinions are not of like mind and they may actually challenge you and your beliefs.

Now, if possible do not even engage by trying to defend yourself or belief system. It is yours and only your, and although you may feel compelled to defend your position, this will only create an energy struggle between you and the one challenging you. This is not to say, do not speak your truth, just don't expel energy needlessly.

If avoidance is not possible and you need an out for someone who is actually defending their views rather strongly and is relentlessly trying to engage you, in a not so friendly discussion on your beliefs, you can simply say, ''  right now I can not prove to you that I am right, but when you can prove to me that I am wrong, than we will discuss this further.''

This simply tells the other person you are not interested in defending your position, that you need not have the power in this conversation because you have told them you cannot prove yourself right at the moment. You actually handed the ''control'' to them by implying you are willing to discuss it further when they have something to actually discuss besides trying to take your energy by lessening the worth of what you hold in your heart.

Nobody has to agree with you, believe you, even listen to your views, but if there comes a time when another is purposely trying to get a negative reaction from you, through having you defend your spiritual beliefs ....simply look them in the eye, in a firm, yet compassionate manner and give them back all the power, for this is not helping anyone gain anything. Tell them you are unable and unwilling to prove anything to them at this time but if they wish to prove you wrong with intelligent and tangible evidence then you may wish to discuss this further.

If they try and call your bluff and start spewing out more garbage then, really all you can do, if you cannot remove yourself from their presents, is protect yourself with a ball of white light and literally ignore everything possible coming from them.

There are negative people you will come across, so learning the balance between defending your beliefs and disengaging will be beneficial. Again if you lean toward either reaction a little too much over time and with practice you will learn through experience, how to respond to others that are not of like mind, and verbally opinionated about it, without them creating an imbalance within you.

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  1. I have found that saying, "Thank you for sharing that." and ending the discussion works pretty good a lot of the time.

  2. Thanks for this post. Wish I had it a couple of days ago. But still will come in handy I'm sure. <3

  3. I agree with this...although it is hard when someone such as a family member tells me i am going to tell me i worship the devil...all i can do is smile and tell them to do their research.... Coming from a family member or friend makes it hard.... Not cool. i have had people at my job ask can i put a hex on their exs.... they think i am cutting chickens heads off and dancing naked under a moon..... the biggest thing is.... You have to pu from with and be a strong person and follow your heart.... its your path .. Your life... Dint let anyone knock ya down...fight for U!

    Appreciate once again the nice subject and read.