Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Share your experiences with others, the good and the hard !

So many times in our life we feel alone, as if we are the only one feeling a particular way or experiencing what ever it is we are going through. All too often we feel this isolation due to the fact we are afraid others will not understand what we are going through and couldn't possibly understand how we feel, and I'm sure the isolation is worsened for fear of judgement.

When in reality most of us have been through very similar experiences, yet due to embarrassment, shame, guilt, humiliation, or fear we do not share our experiences.

Our experiences are what help guide us to being our best. They teach us, and show us things we need to look at. Our experiences tend to go without the light that we and others could really  benefit from.

This does not mean start telling anybody and everybody all about your business or terrible experiences, or about the all the bad choices we've made through out our life. It does mean if you see some who is obviously suffering and the door is at least part way open for them to receive how you are able to relate, then you may want to take the opportunity to gently let them know they are not alone. That you to have made mistakes, have lost loved ones, went through the same issue or experience. You going through an experience that can, down the road help another individual is actually a wonderful gift and it is yours to share.

If everyone were to share, their challenges, when appropriate, there would be alot less people out there feeling as though they are the only one going through a particular experience, when really there are probably dozens within a couple miles of your home.

 Do not be ashamed for what you have done or experienced in your past, be proud of how far you have come, what you have learned, how you have evolved and healed. You are, who you are, because of your experiences. You are as strong as you are, because of your experiences.

Be thankful for your experiences and help someone else become thankful for their experiences as well. God bless you and all your experiences.

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