Sunday, July 24, 2011

Turn off the news

The old news, is sometimes good news, is suitable for this article.

How often, when you turn the news on, are you able to see or hear something wonderful, inspirational, loving, or something that spreads love and kindness ? 90 % of what you expose yourself to on any type of regular news station or channel is negative. This instantly lowers your vibration, causing parts of you to react to the negative expressions seen and heard. This may only be on subconscious level, but never the less it is adding to the over all human vibration.

Exposing yourself to such unnecessary atrocities seen on the news, feeds energy to those who choose to keep you living in fear on as many levels as possible, and do not think for a sec that the news stations, are not part of the bigger picture when it comes to government and all other leaders in jobs that hold ''power '' wanting to keep the masses living in fear, to better control us and having us focused on the bad instead of the good. This keeps every ones vibration vibrating low enough in combination with many other tactics they use to have the majority remain asleep as to what magnificent divine being we really are.

Some will say turn off the televisions, radios, and stop reading the news paper, but I suggest starting with being very selective as to what you watch, read, or listen to. Do not be fooled into believing they are just telling us what we need or have the right to know. It is all part of a bigger plan. There is no law stating they have to share 90 % negative and only 10 % positive, yet they do. Because it serves their greater purpose, which for our government and world leaders, always about money.

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  1. I very rarely watch the news. I didn't know about Norway till I read it on one of my web sites. Was surprised&saddened