Sunday, July 31, 2011

What spirituality IS.

This article is all about what spirituality IS....

It is taking full responsibility for your experiences, healing and evolution.

Spirituality is pure love.

It is realizing you are a magnificent being capable of wondrous things.

It is knowing you are always fully guided and supported.

It is knowing that every single experience in your daily lives, is relevant to who you are and what you are learning.

It is pure love.

It is seeing the good in absolutely everything and that everything happens for a reason.

It is understanding that God is within and you have the same abilities as HE does and we are just an extension of him, carrying out a mission we agreed to come here and carry out.

It is the ability to take a long hard look at yourself and forgive yourself and others for mistakes made.

Spirituality is pure love.

It is being strong enough to change what needs to be changed.

It is the courage to stand up for what is right, morally, ethically and done through pure love.

It is knowing that anywhere, any time for any reason you have the ability to connect with your divine guidance.

Spirituality is the realization there is no higher power, God, or anyone that judges you...YOU are your only judge.

It is opening yourself up to the higher powers we all have unlimited access to.

Spirituality is pure love

It is releasing your ego.

It teaches you to forgive others and love them unconditionally, even if it need be from a distance.

It is learning healthy boundaries and balancing all areas of your life.

Spirituality is just like you..... PURE LOVE.

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