Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let Mother Earth heal you.

Feeling overwhelmed in any way ? Connect with nature. Go camping, go hiking, sit at edge of creek, river or pond, bird watch, grab your camera and start taking pictures while walking through  forest, find a bike trail, make a garden and spend time in it.

Be with mother earth, she is grounding, she is stable, she can help you become grounded when things are moving fast. She calms you and slows your mind. Her sound heals our mind, body and soul. Her energy cleanses our energy and clears our mind in ways nothing else can.

The sound of her water whether flowing or raining, the breeze through the trees or alone in the sky, wildlife including birds, insects and mammals are magical messengers who will stop in by no mistake, the crisp crackling of a fire, or even the complete silence she can offer is so natural and pure, nothing can compare !!

These are what connecting with nature can offer you. It's a one stop shop for healing, releasing, relaxing, re-energizing, and grounding. When life gets busy it is easy to forget what is out there to enjoy. We become consumed by daily tasks and chores, responsibilities and forget to enjoy the magic of mother earth and who is easy and well worth connecting to.

Just being connected to he by way of observing a magnificent tree, or sitting around a camp fire can offer you healing qualities that really do make a difference.

There are many syncronisities in mother nature as well, animals all represent some kind or message or lesson through spirituality ( most can be googled on the Internet ). If you pay close attention and ask yourself you can begin seeing how nature talks to you or helps guide you through out your life.

Mother nature is also experiencing many changes right now and your appreciating her for everything she is and provides us aid her through this time of change for her. She provides us with so much, and always there for us, so why not help her and ourselves and enjoy everything she has to offer us.

Love mother earth and thank her while your at it !!

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