Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spiritual Earth School

When we agree to incarnate into a life time, we agreed to, or signed up for a type of school. It is not your typical school, where there are rules and regulations and someone telling you exactly how to behave, create, or learn. There is no one telling where to sit, stand, walk, or go. You are not told when and whom to speak to, when, where, and how to play, when to go to the washroom or when our next big test will be. There is no one to grade our test, not even tell us when the make-up test will be. There are no desks, with some telling us what subject we will be working on today and no guidance counselor to run to when we make a mistake.

Earth school is much different, and thank goodness for that !!! We, in earth school make up our own rules. We choose our lessons, our teachers, and when we want to learn them. We learn from them when the opportunity arises or re-do the experiences/ lessons at another time. We chose who is in our class, who sits beside us, when and how to play and with whom. The only one for marking our tests. is ourselves, and the only true judge of whether you passed or not is you.

There will always be lessons that pop up in you life here on earth school. These lessons are just opportunities to make better choices, grow healthier attitudes, see how strong and capable we really are. If we choose not to take on a lesson as it passes by, then we choose to remain where we are in life. Everything is our choice and everything has a consequence, some positive and some negative. We will either learn and move on, or keep repeating the same lesson over and over and over again until, we either truly understand it or blindly through trial and error finally stumble across the right answer.

As for the guidance counselor, well we don't exactly have that, but we do have our intuition, higher self, spirit guides, teachers, angels and any other type of help we could possible need, if only you would call upon them and realize and trust that, what they present to you in a lesson is only for your loving benefit.

Earth is a school with free will and the ability to choose what we want to learn and when. The sooner we learn, the sooner we move on, and moving on always feels good. So although you may have thought you were finished with school, you should be glad to hear we are forever learning in this earth school while incarnated here.

So lets do what the main goal of all humanity was, before coming here....LEARN TO LIVE IN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND TO RELEASE THE EGO AND MANIFEST YOUR DEEPEST DESIRES. As for all the other lessons you chose to experience , learn from them as fast as possible, look at the issues head on and honestly. Ask for help when needed, and always remember.... recess is when ever you feel like taking it !

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