Saturday, July 23, 2011

The world wouldn’t be the same without you

You better believe it. If it weren't for you, many people would not have had the essential learning experience they needed in order to evolve. If it weren't for your being, everyone you have ever come into contact with would have had less of an experience they had with you in it.

You make a difference everywhere you go.

The difference you make in another life is of your choice. Whether you share a laugh, or a cry or a struggle, it is for a reason, it is important, it is necessary for them as well as yourself.

Moment by moment we make choices and our choices reflect upon others in which you come into contact with, and the experience you have with them would not be happening if it weren't in the best interest of everyone involved. You do make a difference ! The difference you make, is up to you on some level.

As you begin to heal and open our heart you will begin to see a change in the way you interact with others. It is like a softening of your personality. You begin to see others for the special souls they are, you begin to see others from a place where judgement no longer exists. You begin to see the bigger picture and look at your moment by moments as learning experiences and when this happens, you begin to actually look for ways, to make a positive difference in other peoples lives.

The world would not be whole without you being here. You are a very important piece of the puzzle. Your not being here, would be like the sun, missing one of it's rays. It would shine less brightly and would no longer BE the sun, as whole. It would be the sun, minus one ray of light, and that would not truly be THE sun. The same goes for the world, it would not be THE world, if your energy were not present.

In every moment of your existence you make a difference, and it is you choice, what kind of difference you want to  make. We only have each moment once, so why not make a positive difference in as many of those moments, as possible.

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  1. I really enjoy this piece...spoken from the heart and like a true of all days... as i sit to meditate ...i read this...thank u..much appreciated after a stressful day!