Friday, July 22, 2011

What you think, is what you create.

As simple as it sounds, it's not as easy to practice. Even when you become aware that thoughts are things, little energy balls sent out that create your reality, it can still be very challenging to keep all personal thought forms positive. What you think, what you say, what you believe, becomes your reality, and this happens for a few reasons.

We are the directors of our own stage. We choose what happens and with whom it happens with. Some experiences are karmic from past lives or past experiences,but for the most part we are creating our reality minute by minute with our thoughts.

It is also amplifies by the law of attraction. Like attracts like. So if you believe you are something, you will manifest others of like mind within your reality. Plus when you have a thought form, or belief about yourself, situations will come up in your life to confirm this, as we have free will and what we think is created.

So as difficult as it may be, try always to be conscious of your thoughts and more importantly what your feeling. When a negative one passes by, let it do just that. Put no energy into the thought, just let it pass and when it does, place a positive one in it's place.

These thoughts will come and go and it is your choice to put energy into them or not, but if you do, be prepared to have exactly those experiences in your life manifest just to show you, you are right.

If the things in your life are not what you like.....change your thoughts.

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