Sunday, July 17, 2011

BE the change, you want to see

You would like people to be kinder ?. Than be as kind as you can, as often a you can to others. You would like people to be more compassionate and understanding. Than be as compassionate and understanding as often as you can to others. You would like people to live with integrity and honor. Than live your life with integrity and honor always. You would like to see people make these changes because if everyone did, what an even more marvelous place this would be.


If you live your life striving to make good conscious choices, through loving and understanding the bigger picture, people even when resisting your good nature, can't help but be pulled in through your strong ability to be you. Solid in your loving belief that all is well and everything is happening for  reason.

Over time, people see that you always carry this good energy and find you magnetic and your positive and unwavering attitude and personality irresistible. Lead by example. While others may not always see why you do and say the thing you do, thy will see that you are good and odds are, your personality and good nature will rub off on many unsuspecting souls who will begin to feel the good inside, then strive to make small, yet positive changes in their life.

Believe me there will be nay sayer's and disbelievers, but if you continue being you and speaking your truth, in most loving way, they and others will have nothing to say besides, you are good person. They may think of you as different, but who cares ? Be thankful you are different.

Be that change you so want to see, be it, live it, sleep it, eat it, show it to everyone always, and it will effect those around you, even non-believers will feel the positive effects. Those around you will begin raising their vibration due to your influence. Those around you, who flat out refuse to awaken, will more than likely find themselves less and less a part of your life, for we attract and find ourselves associating with others who are vibrating around the same energy frequency as you are.

Be that change, and although not everyone will follow some will, and those that do, will begin being the change, and will begin spreading this change even further. This ripple effect is what is sweeping this universal love world wide so quickly, so continue being exactly what you want to see. Spread your love and be solid in who you are, it's the only way it make it '' the normal. ''

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