Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome to the front line, of change !

Where there is no beaten path, you may find it easy to get lost, or side tracked, or completely knocked off course. Welcome to change. You are in the forefront of what will become the normal. Opening up to the spiritual guidance in which is and always has been there at our disposal.

You are part of the change. Your awareness will bring what is needed in order to help all those interested in becoming aware of who we truly are. We will correct and stand up for everything wrong and misunderstood. You will learn to stand in your beliefs and not let a single soul shake your foundation. This living your life as who you are, without worrying what others think, will show others by example, overtime, that you may be onto something.

Walking a path that has yet to be walked, except by only a small portion of the population, can seem very lonely and scary, as so many around you do not understand and may argue your beliefs, but BE assured you are guided by the most divine beings at all times and when you live your life the way that feels right according to you, others will either follow suit, by embarking on their own spiritual journey or you may find that some relationships cease to exist.

Either way speak your truth and stand up for what is right and always do this in the most graceful and loving way. Remember it is not your responsibility to get people to wake up or understand, they will when they are ready. It is however, your responsibility to be who you are and understand everyone is on there own journey, some awake, some still sleepy, but either way if you live in your truth, when they do begin to wake up, who do you think they will come to for a little understanding ?

Be different.  Be the change you want to see.  Be the truth.  It is the only way !!

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