Friday, July 22, 2011

My experiences with ADHD, ODD, ADD, and OCD.

Endless energy, constantly moving, extremely independent, outspoken even defiant, reacts to injustice, into absolutely everything, ability to go nonstop with very little sleep, needs constant supervision, problems at school, lack of controlled aggression and impulse control, hoping from one thing to the next, absorbs everything they see, hear, or read, unusual habits, extreme mood swings both affectionate and destructive, these are a few of the behaviors that I have personally dealt with as a parent of five wonderful children.

Well, talk about being able to speak from experience. As all children do, all of mine showed these behaviors, periodically throughout the years, but something was not quite the same with my fourth child. He was like having three children, right from the time he could walk, which was 8 months old. He would never stop, unless he was sleeping. He was also much more aggressive when he felt there was injustice toward him or someone else. Very impulsive and defiant when told what or how to do something.

Well by the time he was in kindergarten, I had separated with their father, and was in collage. School became an immediate issue. I would have to leave school on a regular basis to pick him up from his school, usually, due to his aggressive behavior. This on more than one occasion almost had me dropped from my classes. So due to fears of not finishing collage in order to work and support my four children, my mothering and coping capabilities, my student loan defaulting from having to possibly drop out , wondering how I was going to support my kids,.......To make very long and difficult story short, he was diagnosed with ADHD, attention deficit hyper activity disorder, as well as ODD, op-positional defiance disorder and put on medication. Something I swore I would never do and honestly had strong opinions against parents that did, but I felt trapped and decided it had to be done in order for the functioning of my family to be balanced enough for me to finish school and be educated to support my children.

Well I detested giving it to him and felt guilty every day I handed him medication, but I was able to finish school and shortly after I did I tried taking him off and the school was calling me every other day. So after putting him back on I knew I had had enough and had to find a way, a spiritual connection to manage and heal his behaviors. So against the advice of the school and other helpers I had helping me, I completely took him off and said that was it. I simply told the school that I did it because, I felt I had to at the time, and know due to my spiritual beliefs, I choose to not use medication for managing his behavior and lovingly asked them to support me in my decision, and they did.

When my fifth child started showing all the same signs, I had a whole new perspective on the issue. These children are extremely sensitive children and they use behavior as coping skills to shield themselves form the harsh energies and untruths that we are all taught. I believe these children are gifted and with no one teaching them to use or manage their sensitivities they become impulsive and aggressive when feeling things they cannot explain or understand.

I have written an article about the spiritual side of ADHD, ODD, OCD, and ADD, and also lightworkers, indigo's, starseeds, both of these articles are posted on my blog and on my facebook account. They may offer some insight into different possibilities into what is really going on in these children.

It is my goal to make it known, that as hard as these children are to manage at times, usually most of the time, these are gifted children. They know in their very being that things are not right in this world. They do not understand any of it yet, being so young and not having the ability express or verbalize what they are feeling, but really how could they when it is only now people, meaning adults are only beginning to understand these feelings and energies that these children have felt since they were born. They need lots of support, love, patience, and guidance.

I have found it MOST beneficial to use anything I can spiritual when understanding them and guiding them. Read the articles mentioned above and then really go within and see if you can find answers to your specific situation. I will post more on this topic as it is one of the most medicated and misunderstood conditions, I believe in the world.

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  1. Hi Heather, I'm looking for the articles that you mention and don't see them. Can you help?

    I just spent a little bit of time googling "spiritualism and OCD" and you were the first of 3 pages to go to....has me think and know that the world is all too absorbed in the psychiatric labeling and forgetting the gifts.... Linda