Sunday, July 31, 2011

Engaging, Reacting, Defending, could be an issue with YOUR ego.

When you feel the need to engage, react, defend, or anything alike, you can bet that your ego has crept out of the bag. When you are comfortable being who you are, and your intentions are pure, and you have no desire to hurt or cause another, pain, grief, or heart ache, there is never a reason to give any type of explanation the those who are questioning, or trying to create drama or conflict with you.

When you catch yourself reacting in a way that lowers your vibration, such as defending  yourself to another, who does not understand you and therefor may argue or even become angry with you, when you engage in this struggle to get them to see your point or have them believe what you want them to ..this is your ego saying to you.... '' you need them to understand you '', '' how dare they not think you are right '', or even, '' you are not worthy of them understanding you ''. Your ego will want to try and convince everyone, you are right and you will feel less worthy if they do not. It leaves you feeling different and misunderstood.

But this is far from the truth, you must stop giving your energy by trying to convince anyone of anything, for they will only hear you if they are ready to hear and understand what it is you are saying. When you engage with another by repeatedly trying to convince them you are right, you take your energy and place it where it is not useful, you are telling yourself you must not be as right as you though, if they do not see it your way.

It does not matter if anyone sees anything the way you do, because nobody is living your reality and we are all on different levels and vibrating on our own unique frequencies. You need no one to see it as you do. You are enough. It can feel hard when you see something that no one else sees, and not want them to see it as well, especially if it will benefit them in some way, but you must remember it is not your job to have anyone see anything...It is your job to keep being you, and others will either agree or disagree. Either way it is irrelevant.

Do not judge your self worth, thoughts or beliefs, depending on who believes or approves of you. When you are triggered and react to someone, step back and remember it is not your responsibility to get them to understand or agree with you, THEN, remind your ego that you are good enough without trying to convince anyone of anything.

Just BE you !

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