Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do you have a long way to go yet ?

Well my first question would have to be where are you going? and then how can you be sure ? Life isn't about getting ''there'' it is about the journey there. There is no final goal when it comes to being spiritual. It is only the process in which our life guides us to opportunities that will teach and guide us to continuously evolve and raise our vibration.

It is the journey of opening your heart, that we are here to experience. The learning never ends, there is always more to learn, to experience, to see and learn from. Therefor why get yourself worked up about ''getting there'' because there is no there, there is only now, this moment, this experience.

This experience and your way of experiencing it, is what will determine your next experience, and your thoughts about the whole process will determine whether you're really experiencing it or just waiting for something bigger to come along. If we are just waiting for the next big thing, than we miss out on so much of the whole point, because the whole point is about about the now, how we respond to it, and what we take from it.

Do not be in a hurry to 'get' anywhere, the is no long way to go. We only need to live and what we need will syncronisticly manifest into our lives. The never ending process or journey is what we are to enjoy, if we are always waiting for something, we will still be waiting when we leave this body or this life time. If we are in a state of constant waiting, feeling like we have to hurry up and get somewhere, there would never be any contentment or peace within your life because waiting implies you're not living in this moment, which has so much to offer and is really the only moment that matters.

For this moment, is what determines what your next moments will be !!

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