Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Expect the 'unlike' you, to make appeariences.

As we embark on the spiritual journey we come across the term ' like minded people ' and ' like attracts alike. ' This being completely true, not too often do you here explanations as to why we encounter or have experiences people who seem to be nothing like you and may even upset, or frustrate you to the point of anger. Well, be assured sometimes these ''not'' like minded people who upset you are little teachers that come into your life for a variety of reasons, in order to help you learn and evolve as efficiently as possible.
There was a time when I never thought I would be able to actually thank those who made me mad, upset or even hurt me, but not only can I do that now, I can forgive them as the experiences is happening and still able to find enough compassion to not react to their behaviour, but instantly look for the reason I am going through the experience, because we must remember even when someone is mistreating us or lashing out at us, there is always a lesson in it for us as well.
There are a variety of lessons that may be, offered to us, through these people who do not hold the same belief or thought patterns, people who are vibrating on a different energy levels offer us many learning opportunities.
 Sometimes they are brought to us to mirror a behaviour we have in common with them and don't realize. For example, if you find yourself surrounded by complainers, look within yourself to be sure they are not mirroring the same behaviour yourself. This is true with any behaviour. What we see in another person that annoys or bothers us, is usually a good sign that the universe is trying to have you see that behaviour in yourself, in order to release it or let it go.
Another possibility is, we are able to help that individual in some way. As you evolve spiritually, you may find that more people come to you for answers, even strangers. This is because people can sense another energy. Whether aware of it or not, if some one is hurting their energy can pick up on a soul that will listen to them or help them and the more spiritually evolved you are, the higher your vibrational energy frequency is and others will pick up on your more loving and compassionate energy you put out. Therefor, attracting those who you are able to help. Remember here to be careful how much energy you expend to others. Do not deplete yourself or enable another soul to continue patterns by helping them too much.
Another reason you may come across someone who leaves you with a less than great experience, is a lesson. You may have been put in an experience with someone who is nothing like you, in order to  possibly learn compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, patience, or even test your ability to love them unconditionally, even if it only be from afar. Try never to consider yourself a victim of these experiences, always look for the lesson and move on.
People come and go and it is true you will attract those of like mind, so when you met some that turns you off or see an aspect of their personality that you do not like, ask yourself why ? Why are you going through this experience, for there is always a reason, always a lesson for everyone involved.

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