Thursday, July 21, 2011

De-programming yourself.

As we begin to awaken spiritually, we find ourselves having to de-program many aspects of ourselves. This includes thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, morals, values,behaviours, perspectives and much more. Many things we were taught as a child, and even reinforced now as adults are not the truth.

The way we have been taught to see the world is so mixed up and backwards, it's a wonder anyone has any understanding of reality. The truth is, many who think they have a good grasp on life and reality, really have no clue, as to what they do not know and understand.

As we discover the truth we realize how much of what we learned is simply not the truth, there for, there are many levels of de-programming that need to take place. As much work, as this can take, and as challenging as it may get, you are consistently reminded and rewarded for your efforts. As you begin to discover the truth you may find yourself become resentful, or even angry for the lack of truth that has been given to us in the past.

I assure you, if it is your intention to truly live in unconditional love.....than your anger will resolve itself as you learn to open your heart and forgive those for the programming we have been given, that led us so far astray, as to who and what we really are.

As you de-program and evolve or raise your vibrational frequency, you can feel this on many levels, emotionally, mentally, and even physical sensations will come and go. Expect as you re-program yourself with the truth,...just when you think you have it figured out, that all of a sudden you have a huge insight or have an experience that makes you question or re-evaluate the re- programming you have done. There may have to be many levels of formatting and re-formatting, that need to take place as you delve deeper and deeper into your personal healing and evolution.

Always be open to doing this, as it is continuously needed, in order to continuously evolve.  NEVER think you have it all figured out, because there is always more to learn or experience, and that is something you can guarantee is the truth,, and be thankful for !

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