Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Try these SIMPLE changes in your diet.

At some point on your spiritual journey, you will probably find yourself, at a point where you begin wanting to make some positive changes to your diet. I have put together some very simple, suggestions to ease some beneficial changes into your diet, without causing any cravings, withdrawals, or wanting to revert back to your old eating habits, due to too much change in too little time. Any change is beneficial and should be seen as such. Little changes, lead to bigger changes, so here we go.

Add herbal tea into your diet. It adds many beneficial nutrients and natural healing take place. If you are a coffee drinker, you could make a deal with yourself to alternate coffee and tea. Have a coffee, than a tea. You may not appreciate the taste of herbal tea at first, but I found using two tea bags adds a stronger flavor, possibly making it more enjoyable for some to drink. You can also try mixing two different herbal teas, experimenting with different flavors.

Add one new fruit or vegetable to your diet, and there are endless to choose from, so the excuse ''I don't like vegetables'' can't be used here. Tell yourself you do. The power of thought is amazing and you would be surprised how much changing your thoughts about liking certain foods, can really help when expanding your healthy diet. Just find one fruit or one vegetable and it will make a difference. Eat it two to three times a week until you really start appreciating the taste of it. Don't be surprised if you actually start enjoying the taste and have the urge to try some else, you once thought you didn't like.

If you have a major sweet tooth, as I did and sometimes still do, allow yourself the sweets in moderation, but I have gotten into the habit of making the choice to eat a fruit or veggie before allowing myself the sweet. This is just a way of making a positive, conscious choice when making healthy changes to our diet. There is a degree of self discipline here, but not to the degree of guilt or drastic change that may set you up to fail. If your going to eat the sweet, no matter how much you tried to hold off, then there is no sense in feeling guilty about it, just make a conscious choice to eat something beneficial first.

Cut back on dairy and meat, anything will help, and I mean, any little change will make difference. Dairy has many, many chemicals and hormones that have no benefit to us, they actually do harm. Millions suffer from stomach upset and headaches due to dairy and have no idea. As for meat, eating less will help a lot too. Meat also have many chemicals and hormones that build up in our systems. When we ingest meat, we ingest the dying hormones that are released from the time of the the animals death, which also has no benefit to us. When meat is consumed, always thank the animal for giving their life, and if you do cut down on your consumption of it, when you do eat it,  bless the meat as healing food, and truly be grateful for the nutrients, energy, and health you intend it to give you.

You know yourself best and you know what changes would be most beneficial for you to make. Make small changes, easy goals, make small deals with yourself, and most important be proud of the small changes you do make. If you feel good about the small changes, you'll have more motivation to continue making even more beneficial changes. Every bit helps and every conscious choice you make to better you health, will be rewarded and the benefits notices. so take baby step where need be and they will lead to giant leaps on your journey of spiritual healing.

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