Saturday, July 23, 2011

What areas in your life, need balance ?

Balance can be, and ultimately should be achieved in all areas of your life. It takes time, hard work, love and flexibility. Balance create stability in areas of your life and this creates a significantly more peaceful life. Balance is obtained through experiences and the healing necessary from them. When we experienced things in our past, many times we did not process the emotions it created within ourselves, and so year after year, with more unbalancing experiences being piled on top, our emotions remain buried deep within our subconscious.

As we begin our spiritual journey, many '' things '' begin to surface and when they do, it is not always clear as to what and why it is so. It takes practice learning to listen to your body. When an area of your life is unbalanced, it will create situations or experiences in your life, for you to figure out what is going on, and decide what you would like to change in order to create a more balanced life.

For example, if when you were a child, you were told you talked too much, that thought seed may have embedded itself into your personal beliefs about you. Now years, even decades later, possibly even forgetting about the actual experience, you may find you have an imbalance within your communication skills. This imbalance may create difficulties when communicating with others.

The difficulty may come in the form of you being extremely shy, timid, or afraid to speak up for yourself, or it could come through as being defensive, harsh or maybe you ramble on and on...due to nervous energy. Either of these imbalance's in your communication skills is due to believing, or rebelling against, what you were told soooo long ago, and it has remained in your unconscious ever since creating difficulties into your adult life, and not even knowing why.

So as you awaken, areas of unbalance will begin to show themselves and as they surface, ask, through prayer if you have to, to understand what it is you need to see, so you are able to identify the unbalance and then begin to release the experience/s in order to heal and regain balance.
There are endless possibilities where we humans may need balancing, and some you may not even think of, when it comes to balance.

Here are some common and not so common areas that my need balancing....

- spending too much, or anxious when spending.
- either very self serving, or letting others walk all over you.
- completely unorganized, or a compulsive perfectionist.
- a lot of angry emotions, or a lot of sad emotions - within.
- never wanting sex, or sexually promiscuous.

These are only a few examples, that may crop up while healing on your journey, but when they do, as hard as some might be... look within and ask yourself What is really going on ?, where is this coming from ? and how can I create balance within this area of my life ?

The answers will always be different for everyone, as everyone has had different experiences in their life, but guaranteed there is an answer and if you look, sometimes deep within, it is there wanting to surface in order for it to be released, so you may continue to find balance in all aspects within your life.

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