Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to know what your ''GUT'' is telling you.

We all get gut feelings through out our days and a lot of the time we do not pay attention to what they are trying to tell us. Even when we start to become aware of these feelings it can seem very difficult to try and figure out what they are saying. The best way to start learning how to decipher what messages they are giving us, is to just become conscious of how your 'gut ' is feeling at all times, or at least as much as possible.

The more you become conscious of what feelings are being experienced within your gut area, the more you will start seeing....mini patterns developing in regards to how your stomach area is feeling and what is going on in your environment. This takes practice, repetitiveness, time, patience and most important, trial and error. You will find that like everyone else, you will follow your gut, only to find out that there may have been a better choice, but in these cases I believe there was a learning experience that needed to be experienced.

That being said, really be aware of how you are feeling, especially if you experience a dramatic shift in what your gut is telling you. For example, say you meet someone and you really like them and you feel really good around them and enjoy the exchange of energy flowing between the two of you, then during a conversation they say something and it triggers a really bad feeling. Whether you feel ill, tightness in the stomach area, if there is a dramatic shift in what energy your gut is sending, then pay that much more attention. If there a multiple times your gut does not respond to someone than you may want to go within and figure out exactly what message these feelings are trying to get across.

When you receive a gut feeling it may not be for that exact moment, it could be more like a precursor as to what you should be paying attention to.

That gut feeling is really, your intuition or your higher self, sending you message. Making sure you do not stray too far from your chosen path in life. So do listen to what your gut tells you and in time, you will see some reaction patterns with yourself as to whats in your environment or what you may experience in the very near future.

BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS AT ALL TIMES. They are your strongest guides, who know you the most, they are you, helping you along the way. Over the weeks you will notice patterns between your gut reaction and your experiences. This happens naturally, as this was the way we were always meant to be.

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