Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spiritual learning, and physical application

During the spiritual awakening process there are things that you will learn in theory or through words being read or spoken. Once you understand the concept of the whatever theory is being presented to you, there will come a time where you will have to apply your new understanding or lesson learned in your physical reality. You will be tested or given the opportunity to practice or apply your new way of thinking, doing, or way of responding in difficult situations.

You may notice this type of pattern when you ride the spiritual path....first you may find yourself reading, watching and listening to others. Taking in all new kinds of information. Asking many questions.

This information is taken in and then stored in your memory bank for it to later be called upon. After a few weeks sometimes even months of learning new material, information, or new ways of thinking or behaving, once so much information is taken in, you may find your life pick up a bit and situations will arise where your new skills should be applied, like little tests or opportunities to really apply what has recently been learned.

During this time period when you are applying your new knowledge, you may find your reading, watching, or intake of any new information comes to a halt. This is normal. Learning to become spiritual and letting go of old thought forms is tough work, so do not despair if you slow your actual learning process while learning to apply it to actual situations and experiences in your life. This is the whole point. No need to worry, before you know it you will regain your thirst for taking in new knowledge and information.

Myself for years now have seen this pattern of taking in new information, then a period of applying your new knowledge, then returning to taking in new knowledge once again. Some learning and applying cycles last only a few weeks, others can last months, in either part of the cycle. ( taking in new info, or applying it to you real life situations)

Rest assured you will be shown everything you need at the most perfect time for you and your evolution. Go with the flow and never compare yourself to how anyone else is progressing on their spiritual journey, because you are unique and very special. You lessons and their timing will only suit you perfectly, as others lessons will only suit them perfectly.

Remember when in a slump....learn then apply, learn then apply. Maybe you are in a period where you are to be applying what you have recently learned

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