Sunday, July 31, 2011

Missing your ex, or who you wish they were ?

 Are you truly missing your ex and who they were ?, or is it possible you are missing the person you wish they were ?

Sometimes we don't realize they really weren't  the person we thought they were in the the first place. Once a little time passes and you have a chance to get some perspective on your relationship, there's a good chance you will come to realize that your grieving, is for someone who doesn't really even exist.

When time has passed after a breakup, it gives you time to step back and see the bigger picture. When you are in the midst of a breakup things can seem so overwhelmingly difficult to see past the hurt, so a great question to ask yourself as you are feeling these overwhelming feelings is..... are you missing or grieving the person they are, or the person you wish they would be ? Not surprisingly you may find yourself answering...the person you wish they would be.

This is a good step in realizing everything happens for a reason and for your own benefit. When we can see past the initial fog of a breakup, there is always light to be had, hope for even better opportunities and someone who is better suited for you.

Getting past the fact that you are experiencing a loss, and coming to realize it  MUST  have happened for your greater good, can be easier and faster when you realize what you are grieving for, is not really meant for you, at least right now, or they never existed in the first place.

Coming to terms with the fact your ex. never really existed in the first place, the way you wished they did in your mind, is freeing and gives you the ability to look that much closer in your next relationship to be sure, who your falling for is really who they are.

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