Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cannabis / mushrooms Illegal, Alcohol and Cigarettes Legal ???

Doesn't it seem a little convenient that two of the most powerful and natural substances on this planet, that help thin the veil into the spiritual world, are deemed illegal by the people who want to keep us from awakening spiritually to who we really are.

Even more convenient, Alcohol and cigarettes are 100% LEGAL, for sale and consumption. One of the worst man made substances on this planet, that helps keep a thickness to the veil, that keeps us under control and blind to the magnificent divine beings that we are.

To make this situation even more insulting, is the fact that alcohol and cigarette sale and consumption, puts BILLIONS of dollars into the very pockets of the ones who try and keep us bound to substances that block our very essence.

Yet mushrooms and cannabis, which can be home grown, not putting any money in the pocket of those we work for and having many healing properties and the ability to help connect us with the divine are seen illegal.

That's our government for you.

Just saying....

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