Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why are some people relationship dependant ?

There are many people who find themselves not only jumping from one relationship right into another, but find themselves dependant on it. Why do so many people find it so difficult being alone,even for short periods of time ? There are a variety of reasons for this and all require some sort of healing in order to balance this need to be with someone in a relationship, rather than feeling secure while single..

In a relationship there is a continuous give and take of energy and in order to find a balance, there must be some degree of balance within each persons own life. If there is an unbalance within ones own self it will eventually create an unbalance somewhere within the relationship. This can be somewhat normal. Where it becomes an issue, is when one or both parties depend or rely on the others energy to keep them feeling filled up.

Here is what tends to happen with people that bounce from one relationship to another or have no time in between relationships being alone in order to heal or learn from their experience.....When we meet someone new, it is almost always exciting and energy filled for the first few months, everything is great. Your both feeling on top of the world and there is this strong pull to be together. This is because you are both feeling the positive energy off one another and this feels really good, but as time wears on energy levels become depleted. Especially when one party is rather negative in comparison to the others.

The one who is more negative will eventually drain the energy of the other partner, causing the partners energy to become so low, they are miserable, leaving the negative party no where to receive their energy from, causing them to become drained once again, so the relationship falls apart and a new energy source has to be found. Sometimes quickly because if you are dependent on other peoples energy to keep you feeling filled up, or you feel as though you can't or don't want to be alone, than you will look for the next available source of energy or relationship to try and find balance once again.

This will not work. It will not work until you heal from your past and find balance within in yourself, not needing the energy from anyone else as you can supply your own energy from within through loving yourself, knowing no matter whether alone or in a relationship you are grounded and comfortable being who you are.

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