Monday, June 27, 2011

Feeling the need to be alone ?

Once you begin to desire the spiritual path, you may feel the need to spend much more of your time alone. You may find yourself wanting more space, quiet time, and less chaos, noise and distraction.

This, when done in healthy moderation, is perfectly normal and not only is it normal it is usually necessary, in order to look with in and make the changes we desire and learn to heal and release what needs to be released. It can be very difficult to figure out who you truly are when everything around you is so busy, demanding or if there is too much chaos.

This increased desire to be alone can feel very strong and you may wonder why you are somewhat withdrawn from your normal activities. When we become more spiritual, we understand there is a greater need to have the time alone in order to receive the answers we need, so we are able to move out of our past experiences and into the now.

Once in the now, we have to decide what parts of ourselves that need to be released or no longer serve any purpose to us. This is hard work and some decisions will be difficult to make, and making the changes can be more challenging still.

Self reflection is key here and obtaining a true self evaluation can take time, and quiet alone time is the best way to do so. Take the time you need to be with yourself, or at least spend a few minutes in meditation as often as possible.

Carry no guilt for this desire to be with only yourself, and do not expect others to understand because unless they on the spiritual path will not know this is all part of the process and may try and convince you that there is something wrong with you.

Feeling the need to spend more time alone is actually a big sign that you are on the right path, as being alone gives you the ability to look within and within is where you need to be.

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