Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why are so many relationships ending ???

Have you noticed the number of relationships that are either shaky, on a temporary time out, or have completely ended lately ? Well there is good reason, in part, for this and it is on the rise. Many relationships and friendships are ending due to the energy imbalance between the two, as they finish up any learning between them, then move on to their next set of lessons.

As earth is raising her vibration, so should we. In order to raise our vibration, we must let go of old thought patterns and old ways of understanding things. We must learn to forgive and love and see this beautiful earth for what it is. As many are waking up to this, to spirituality, it is causing people to really take a good look at their life and when you begin to see what is really important and wish to make small changes for a healthier and more fulfilling life, it creates your vibration to rise and thus makes it more difficult to balance out with your partners vibration if they choose to not walk this path.

This shift we are experiencing of letting go of fear and holding on to pure love, is creating energy that is causing many areas, in peoples lives to be turned upside down. This is happening so we will let go of what no longer serves the greater good and replace it with a deeper under understanding of life.

If two people will not benefit in being together through this shift we are experiencing, somehow, someway it will come to an end. This is hard work but it is well worth it. Sometimes to become who we were meant to be or to discover who we are, it takes a lot of time being alone with yourself, looking with in.

This is not to say the relationship was bad or a waste of time or anything negative. All relationships happen for a reason, in order to teach each other things and sometimes work out old karma. Everything happens for a reason, so do not despair if you or someone close to you is experiencing a breakup. Just send them or yourself loving energy, knowing it is probably for the best and there are many angels and such, around them or you helping everyone through.

Much needs to be balanced and released within a lot of people and there is big energy surrounding us making sure we do. This is done out of love and for everyone best interest, and most importantly remember, where something leaves your life, it leaves room for bigger and better. Bless any relationship that may have ended or needs to be ended, be thankful for the experience, good or bad because you did learn, whether your aware of it or not.

Be open to new and exciting ideas and possibilities and don't forget, when in a place of uncertainty, rejoice because it leaves room for you to experience everything possible.

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