Monday, June 13, 2011

Does everything really, happen for a reason ????

 Absolutely !!! Everything always happens for a reason. This can be challenging to believe as sometimes we cannot make sense, or see the reasons to our experiences right away. When the answers are not immediately apparent, it can sometimes become difficult to remember there is a reason for what you are going through, that your experience is only to help you  become and guide you to who and what you were meant to be. It can become especially difficult to remember everything is happening for a reason when the experience is not a pleasant one and the reason is not revealed until months or even years later.

Most of us can take a look within our past and in hind sight, realize what happened way back when..... makes perfect sense now.

Here is an example most people can relate to in some way... That first boyfriend or girlfriend we all had, is a perfect example for most that you two going you separate ways back then, makes perfect sense now, but back when you were actually living it,more than likely you could not see all the things and opportunities you would have missed if you had not separated from them. No, this example may not suit everyone but there are others you can find from your past, whether it be a job loss,or an unexpected move or even pregnancy that seemed devastating at the time but it ended up working out, and possibly even for the better.

Everything happens for a reason, although not all reasons are revealed right away, they will be in time. Just know that when something or someone leaves your life there is always something or someone coming in, not to replace it or them, but to enhance what you already have. We are all guided on a continuous basis, whether we are conscious of it or not. When we are not fully conscious or aware that things happen for good and loving reasons, life can seem very cold and confusing when experiencing hard times.

This is why it is so important to keep close to your heart, mind, and soul that everything you experience is for a greater purpose, even if it is only to help some one down the line, who is going through the same as you did. A lot of wounded healers experience many hard times through out their life in order to understand and help heal others they meet along their journey.

Even when you can't see the good behind an experience, just know and feel that something is brewing behind the scenes that is perfect for you and the journey you chose to come here and experience.

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