Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What does it mean to....honour your feelings ?

So often I would hear, ''you must honor your feelings'', but how to do that, for me, was something that took me a long time to figure out. So I write this article in hopes of helping those who do not know how to honor their feelings, and keep in mind this is my experience, yours may be slightly different.

Honoring your feelings is an important part of the process in healing, and releasing negative or old, energies or emotions. To learn to honor your feelings, is to learn how to heal with intention and purpose. It also helps in dealing with experiences that trigger negative responses in you.

In order to honor your feelings, you must be fully conscious somewhere in your mind of what feeling you are experiencing. So although you may be feeling extreme grief over the loss of a loved one, or deep feelings of be-trail, because you were cheated on, you may be crying hysterically, depressed, lethargic, completely enraged, the list is endless, but the goal always remains the same, you need to say, yes literally say out loud or fully consciously in your head, whatever emotions you are feeling. List them.

 If you are crying...say to yourself, ''I feel sad'', ( don't say ''I am sad '' because this implies you are sad when really you are just feeling sad in that moment. ) Say how you FEEL.' I feel sad', 'I feel hurt', 'I feel sooo pissed off, I could explode'. That is honoring your feelings. Saying and being conscious of how you feel is honoring your feeling. This may sound very simple and it is, in theory, but it can be very difficult when you are actually experiencing feelings of strong emotion.

As you are honoring your feelings do not expect that you will instantly feel better. You are working something out. You are releasing energy that needs to be released in order to heal from the experience. This is why you are experiencing those emotions. What you can expect is when you finish releasing the energy or feelings that you are feeling, you will feel better, once you have calmed down, being aware consciously of how you were feeling and knowing there was good reason for it, will bring to your consciousness how much lighter or calmer you feel having released or honoring your feelings, no matter how strong the emotion.

You will find yourself healing much quicker emotionally after practicing this for some time. It is okay to feel what you feel, just know it will pass, and it is for good reason. It is releasing old and present energy that no longer serves you anymore.

Here is quick technique I picked up along the way.....When upset emotionally over something, picture yourself up on a bridge watching the water flowing beneath you, under the bridge. Imagine the water flowing as your present emotions, acknowledge them, see them, feel them, experience them and watch them flow past you. Honor what ever emotion is flowing through you and it will release itself that much quicker.

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