Monday, June 27, 2011

Start calling on all angels to bring peace.

It is my belief that if everyone were to start calling on angles, all angels, to come and assist us with the changes we are experiencing here on earth, not only would they come, but they would come and we would feel their effects and presents practically immediately. While we continue moving toward making this earth a loving and peaceful place to live, we can agree it can be hard work and we could use all the assistance we can get.

As we start experiencing more change to our earth, weather, thoughts, and beliefs, as more truths come out as to who we are, the more angles here to assist us, the better.

Angels can only assist if you ask or if you are in danger of straying too far off your path. We were given free will and angels must must not interfere with that. So we must call them to help us. They will hear, and they will come. They sit on the side lines just waiting to called upon, and once they are, they move swiftly into action, helping us in any way they can, without interfering with any karmic experiences we must balance out this life time.

The more people who call on them, the more that will come. We are NOT a burden to them. They want us to call them. They want to help. That is what makes them truly happy. For when we are successful in our endeavor, they celebrate with us. Our joy, is great joy to them. Our call for their assistance bring them great pleasure, an right now we need their help. They are here already, doing what they can do to minimize the turmoil, chaos, and negativity. They are here trying to wake those up who still do not see the truth in who, we as humans really are, and what we are capable of .

If we call they will come, so why not ask for this help ? Why not let them make this transition a little easier ? They can help create wonderful syncronisities, they can help you feel loved from the inside out, they will protect and guide you to your greatest dreams, and lift you from hard times with their loving and compassionate guidance. They will never judge you, only lovingly support whatever is in your best interest.
When you call, they will come, and when they do, remember to thank them for all their efforts !!

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