Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't let yesterday, take up too much of today.

You can't use today, to change yesterday, but you can use yesterday, to change today ! Think about this for a moment.... what does this mean ? and how can understanding this be used to your advantage in getting over yesterday ? When we consider what happened yesterday and analyze what it is telling us, we are learning from our experience. When we are stuck on what happened yesterday or any day before today, we are not living in the present moment and therefore are not experiencing the now, and the now is the only beneficial time to be in.

Now, is the only moment that can really make any difference in your experiences. We all find ourselves mulling over what happened yesterday, or what comments we're thrown at you unjustly, or even what losses you may have experiences, this is necessary in order to work through the process of letting go of the negative emotions it creates within you. It is when you become stuck in the moments from your past that creates a situation where you become stagnant in your mind and with your emotions.

Being stuck, or having yesterday take up to much of today's time, is when you find yourself going over it again and again, and you find yourself in the same spot emotionally , physically, or mentally again and again. This is unproductive. This is unhealthy. This can be a huge wast of time and energy. Here is what you may want to try in order to get out of this pattern....

Think bigger, think outside the box, think about it in a way that you've never tried before. What could that experience be trying to tell you ? What might it want to show you or teach you ? What could you change within you or in your situation so that you may see past what happened yesterday, and incorporate it into your life as the learning experience it was.

When you transmute or incorporate your experience into who you are, than it becomes something you have learned through experience and learning through experience is the best, and yet the most challenging way to learn. It is also a way to help connect with, and help others who are stuck on the issues within their life.

Yesterday is gone, only memories are taken into today. Make those memories from yesterday, learning experiences for today. Learn what was shown to you and move on with today.