Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 Dumbing Down is a term used to describe what our leaders are doing to us. The people we trust to provide us with what we need in order to thrive. This includes the food we eat, the water we drink and many other beverages, our medications and vaccines, our religions,even our school system. All of these include ingredients that are chemically and mentally decreasing our intelligence and disconnecting us from our divine source.

You may think this is accidental, but that could not be further from the truth. These plans we put into action with the intention to make controlling the masses easier for government and world leaders. They were put in place to keep us enslaved, and to not even realizing it. They were put into place so world leaders could control the masses into thinking we are less than what we truly are, while they sit back and enjoy the fruits our OUR labour.How do they do this ? They have various ways of dumbing down us unexpecting humans. I will put them in no particular order as they are all equally relevant and effective.

First our drinking water, The most shocking of all the harmful chemicals they deem safe for us to ingest is fluoride. They state not only is it safe but good for us, especially our teeth, but really it is a toxic chemical that needs to handled with industrial safety gloves, full head and body suits and label TOXIC when handled or shipped. It is really a chemical by-product that the government, rather than paying for the disposal of it like other toxic chemicals, they decided to dump it in our water and call it good for us. You may wonder why they chose fluoride, well alot if it has to do with the pineal gland. This is the gland in the centre of our brain that connects us to our true perfect self, our connection with God energy, it dampens our clarity or connection with oneness. This helps with keeping us regular people from knowing our true power and keeps us dependant on conformity, and robotic daily routines. It is a form of dumbing down the masses.

Next our food. All these marvelous preservatives they have CREATED are great for keeping food from spoiling, but they are also great for dumbing down the pineal gland. They have a way of slowly poisoning us as it has a build up effect in your body. It slowly keeps building every time you eat, storing chemicals in your brain, liver, blood and of course the pineal gland. These so called preservative that keep our food from spoiling are destroying our health, and they are in almost everything. And I mean everything. There are literally so many names and abbreviations as to what they label these preservatives, it would take some heavy duty studying to memorise them all. Isn't that convenient ?

Next religion and school systems, yes they do serve some good, but in reality, it is a much bigger and silent way of controlling and conditioning millions of people every day. Conforming us to behave in a particular way, then punishing or placing fear in us, if we step out of line, think outside of the box, or just be different. Religion and schooling are the most convenient way to start conforming the minds of almost every one by the age of 4, if not younger. If they can begin dumbing down people, even before they are able to express their uniqueness, then all the better for them.

Lastly, but not really, there are many other ways or techniques they use, but this is the last one discussed in this article. Medications and vaccines, are the perfect example of how much control our world leaders have. They are all aware that vaccines contain mercury and MANY other harmful cancer, nervous, and neurological damaging chemicals, yet there they are in every vile pumped into our children. Then, they take freedom of choice away. You cannot choose whether or not to vaccinate your child, for if you don't, in most countries they will not allow you to place your child in school. Well, then there is another whole slue of problems, cause it's the law in most contras to have your child in school. Control, control, control.

As for medication, especially those that are suppose to help with mental disorders are also numbing us from experiencing who we really are and at the same time disconnecting us from our divine source. These medications that are given to everybody like candy any more, are dumbing down our ability to fight off some common viruses and illnesses, and they are another chemical being accumulated with our system.

All these chemicals and systems that create conformity, that are being exposed to us every day over and over and over have created a sense of normality in our lives, we know no different. We are pumped full of chemicals from almost birth, then trot off to school or the next religious group, to be told how we need to behave and think. Squeezing out every last drop of uniqueness, and connection to our true creative self.

It's time to wake up people. We for many generations have not become more independent or self sufficient, or increased any sort of independent free thinking. We are being controlled right down to having no say in whether we consume these chemicals in our water or in vaccines that are being pumped into babies, and the majority of humanity.

This will all change very soon, as people are rapidly awakening now. More people are asking questions and demanding answers. Secrets are being found out, everywhere you turn any more. The governments are on the verge of collapse from all their lies and deceit, religion is no longer the solution, going within and connecting to your true God source within yourself, is now being realized. Choose to no longer be a robot serving others so they can live a life of power and luxury. Choose to make changes necessary to release yourself from these barriers, some you may find difficult to get around, but the great news is, there will be a way of doing thing in the near future, and all truths will be discovered.

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