Sunday, May 29, 2011

Money can't fill that empty feeling we've all experienced !!

 As you become more spiritual, the old saying money doesn't buy happiness begins to take on a whole new meaning. You begin to realize money can only buy material things, and material things have no real value. It only buys things that give comfort and be wiped away in seconds without warning. Now this may seem harsh but there is LIFE in these words....

This is not to say paying your rent, buying groceries or clothing are not important, what this means is, even when you pay your rent, have food, and can even afford the best clothes, YES it feels good and most of it the majority would consider a necessity and YES having that big screen or expensive new car can be something to be very proud, but it does not and will not create true happiness. EVER !

It can still leave you feeling an emptiness in your heart. It feels like something is missing or just don't feel right, even when you think you should be ever so happy or content because you have all those "things" you really wanted. You may have your home, healthy children, a good paying job, the new car, healthy food in fridge, name brand clothes all the good things life has to offer, but there is a lingering feeling that THERE IS MORE TO ALL OF THIS AND HOPEFULLY YOU BEGIN TO ASK YOURSELF ....WHAT IS IT ??

 If your belief that money will buy or create happiness, you will buy until, there is nothing left to buy and still will feel a void within yourself and or your life.

Happiness is created when you find yourself, when you heal the parts of yourself you may not even be aware need to be healed, when you find a way to express your true passions, when you come to a place where you can truly forgive others and yourself, when you become aware that we are all a creation from pure love that have been lead astray for too long. WHEN WE BEGIN LIVING OUR TRUE PURPOSE AND STOP RUNNING THE RAT RACE OF LIFE AND JUST LIVE LIFE.

Wake up see yourself for the wonderful soul you are.

You have a combination special talents, skills, and experiences that no one else in this world has. Use them to express yourself and help others.

This is what creates true happiness. Who are you ? What do you love ? What brings you peace and fills your heart with joy ? Start really looking within and find out what hurts ? what feels right ? what is your passion ? what needs your attention ? Finding the answers to these questions is the only thing that will bring true happiness. Did you notice money is not mentioned ?

Your needs will be met as you re examine what and who you are.... It is a challenging process but one with worth that words cannot describe. Bless every one of you on your journey !!!

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