Friday, May 6, 2011

Why it sometimes seems, like prayers aren't answered.

When we send a prayer out there, we are asking for what we think what we want or need in that moment, and from our perspective maybe it is, but it is not always in your best interest. So although our prayers were received and as always, answered, we often were expecting the answer to be a certain way or in a certain time frame so while possibly being narrow mined, we may have missed the answer that was in our best interest, or the answer that may possibly lead you to something even better than what you had originally prayed for.
There are many reasons it seems as though our prayers were not answered. Here are a few possibilities why we may feel this way.

-we do not give our prayer the patience it needs in order to manifest itself into it's serving our greater good. We expect our prayer to be answer right away, and sometimes they are, but other times they require time to come into creation.

-sometimes because we expect our answer right away, and over time, days, maybe even weeks, we forget we sent out a particular prayer, and when our answer or opportunity arises we miss it because we stopped looking for it too soon.

-we do not remember that those, who answer our prayers, see the bigger picture and therefor know what is in our best interest, so when a prayer is answered in a way that is different than we expected, we may think our prayer was not answered through our narrow mindedness.

-lack of faith. If you think that your prayer will not be answered, now would be a good time to remind yourself that what you think is what you create.  You must have some faith your prayer was heard and will be answered in some way, shape, or form.

Not one prayer is ever missed. They are all received and graciously answered, but we have to learn to drop all expectations on the answer besides knowing the answer is coming. Pay attention and keep an open mind. All prayers are answered in perfect time and come in all forms. Just be ready to receive it when it comes.!/pages/Spirituality-In-You/374228612640313