Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ascention - what is it, and how are we involved ?

Ascension is the raising of our vibration, the raising of consciousness through pure love, in order to transcend from the third dimensional world, through the fourth dimension, and into the fifth dimension. Ascension is becoming aware or awakening to the true essence of our being. Which is, we are beings of light or energy, who are capable of unconditional love, total health, longer life spans, and the ability to lead a life full of abundance.

Not one soul going without, for no one would allow another soul to go without, because in our true state of being we are pure love and understand that we are all connected and when one fellow human out there is suffering, we all feel the effects of it.

Earth and it's inhabitants have been experiencing life in a third dimensional vibration, much heavier and negative than the forth dimension. The forth dimension is what we are passing through now, many are awakening spiritually, thus helping the over all raising of earths vibration. In the fourth dimension experience we are seeing many things balancing out, leaving the old ways and thoughts behind, making way for the truth.

Even mother earth prepares, making major changes through her ''natural disasters''.

We ourselves, as we awaken may find great changes going on within, including many physical symptoms like aches and pains, that cannot be explained, shortness of breath, dizziness and such. This is the body healing our past and present as we prepare to become the loving beings we were always meant to be and technically already are.

As we prepare to ascend into the fifth dimension, where many call heaven on earth, we will go through many changes not only within ourselves but globally we are seeing the effects of mother earth's healing and making changes to herself in her own preparation for ascension.

Our vibration is rising, and it is rising quickly, we all need to work together to raise our global vibration. Hold positive thoughts as often as you can. See earth healed and all of her inhabitants healed as well. Picture everything in absolute perfection and through love and light, one by one we will raise our vibration to where no negativity can exist.

Ascension is coming and we have been preparing for it for years, now is the time to shine your love and light !!

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