Tuesday, May 17, 2011

'What ever you do to me, I have the ability to get over it.'

To have the strength and understanding of self truth, self knowing, selfless loving, and self confidence gives you the ability to handle any situation, and the reaction or actions taken against you with patience and integrity. You can stand in your truth and lovingly let the other person act, or react in any way that they may have been taught or learned to. This takes courage, strength and great patience.

When you care about another who is not of like mind, or who when angered reacts with outbursts of aggression, or uses your energy in any way that is only beneficial to them, when we see situations or people who are sending out negative energy or thoughts, we do have the ability to come to a place within ourselves, where we can continue to love them and forgive them even before there is a need to forgive. When strong in your truth of who you are and always coming from a place of love and understanding, you can love this person without falling victim of their behavior, without putting yourself in the line of fire and without reacting in a negative way yourself.

What ever you do to me, I have the ability to get over it, is a powerful statement ! When you take your power back and know you are no longer in a place or have the need to judge another, you begin to understand that what ever is done to you, you have the ability to handle the situation with love. Whether that means to walk away peacefully, stand your ground while respecting the other persons feelings, or helping them through those really intense moments.

When you take your power back it becomes your choice as to whether or not you let someone else create a situation where you become emotionally engaged, and when it becomes your choice, it gives you more freedom to actually help others who need a little extra love and understanding when it comes to how they act and react to things. This is possible because what ever they say or do, you have the ability to get over it. You are able to handle the situation with love and compassion.

This is a place I wish I could say I was in 100% of the time, but life will always catch you by surprise, so use those stressful moments with you spouse, your children, your boss or customers, as practice knowing that whatever they do or say to you , you have the ability to respond with integrity and speak your truth, remaining calm, because whatever they do, you have the power within you to get over it.

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