Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognance, clairaudience, clairscentience

We all possess the potential for every one of these abilities. Some will be stronger or prominent than others, some will come naturally or easily, others will need practice or a little more time to strengthen. In this article I will give a brief description of some psychic abilities that use our five senses. You may feel you have some of these abilities as you read through them, and you are right. some of the other you may still be unaware you possess the ability, even though you do just as much as anyone else.

Thoughts are things, and if you do not believe you have these abilities than it will be so. You will not see what incredible abilities are within you, just waiting to be woken up. Believe in yourself and that these gift really do exist in you.

Clairvoyance - One of the most common or talked about is clairvoyance, the ability to see things, that most others cannot. Such things as ghost or spirits, orbs, the aura that surrounds people plants and animals, and other beings that the majority of people cannot.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear sounds that do not come from a physical form. The sounds that someone, who is tune with their clairaudience abilities could include voices, animals noises, banging, footsteps, doors opening or closing, singing, crying, bells, almost anything that can be heard, They sound as if it were coming from something here in the physical, yet only those attuned with their clairaudience can hear them.

Clairsentience - the ability to feel what another is feeling. When one is in tune with their clairsentience abilities, they can not only feel the energy or mood coming from one individual, but can usually pick up on the energy of an entire room full of people. Someone who has strong clairsentience abilities may find it difficult to be around other people, especially many people all at once, due to the extreme fluctuation in the energy from one individual to the next, but over all it is a wonderful gift to behold when helping others.

Clairscentience - with a ''c'' is the ability to smell or taste while or during receiving guidance. For instance if you are doing a reading and you smell cigar smoke or have a bitter taste in your mouth, this may be added information in order to confirm who is coming through. If your great grandfather is the only deceased relative that smoked cigars, than if you smell the scent of this smoke, it can confirm it is him coming through.

Claircognance is the ability to receive messages or pictures mentally. It seems as though someone has planted information or answers into your brain, as while you are speaking you do not know where the words are coming from. Claircognance would seem similar to clairautience except that you do not hear sound or voices when receiving information. It is just there and comes out while you are speaking.

Any one of these abilities you can attune yourself with. You need only to follow your own guidance and balance what needs to be balanced in your life in order to open yourself up to these abilities. They are gifts and should be treated with respect and appreciation and never be used for harm or deception towards another.

If you feel connected to one or more of these gifts, than do some research and find out what you can do to strengthen them.

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