Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fake it, till you make it !!

 Fake it until you make it, is a wonderful way to encourage your dreams and desires to manifest, or come into creation with greater speed. It openly shows the universe that not only do you desire these thoughts and feelings, it allows the universe to feel your energy, readiness, and desire to attain your goals, but more importantly the universe will begin sending you signs and little miracles because the Law of Attraction is....What you feel and think now, is what the universe has no choice..... but to keep sending it !!

In order to fake it, till you make it, you need to put yourself in the frame of mind that you are already successful in whatever it is you desire. Whether it be school, a job, saving money, changing a habit, picture yourself and more importantly FEEL the good emotion as if you are already there, achieving whatever it is, you are trying to succeed at.

Our thoughts create our reality, and when you not only put the thought of desire out to the universe, but also start mentally and if possible physically living as though you have already succeeded, it begins to strengthen the energy of the thought, you are sending out.

For example, if it is a specific job, or line of work you desire, than do whatever is possible to start living as though you already have the job. Things such as getting up at the time you would have to in order to work there, mentally picture yourself already in your position, working your duties, if possible start wearing the clothing you would if you worked there. Know that it will manifest and do everything you can do to feel it's already done !

All of these things strengthen your desires and thoughts in order to manifest them into reality. Thought and feelings are energy vibrations that the universe has no choice due to the Law of Attraction to send you back what you presently feel think. So feel and think like you already have what it is you seek !! Than work really hard to make it happen !

Starting NOW !!

When you fake it til you make it, you make it that much more obvious that you really do want to make it.

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