Friday, May 6, 2011

Lightworkers, don't feel guilty for having a bad day.

 If you pay attention, you will notice that these bouts of down time are usually short lived, and you come out of them feeling better than you did before. Kind of refreshed and possibly motivated or inspired to do something different or differently in order to create change within or around you.

These down times are not really even down times. These are times of personal growth, a time to look within and see ourselves in the now, and to question where we are going. If we were in a constant state of moving and doing, where and why would we find the time for introspection or self evolution.

 The truth is most of us wouldn't. Most of us are content with where we are, that is until we go through a bad day, or two, or even a week or so and realize that maybe, we do want something different, thus inspiring us to create the  changes necessary. Light workers and alike, need to understand there is absolutely no need to feel any guilt or shame in going through down times.

Whether it is a day, a few days, or even a week or two, remember we all need this space for ourselves sometimes. Some of our greatest authors, spiritual teachers, inventors spent a significant periods of time alone, isolating them selves from the world in secluded hide aways, then coming out with great inspiration, new insights, new goals and personal truths.

Although you may question why you are feeling this way, know that if you just hold your own, through whatever is passing, you will come out of it refreshed and stronger than you did, going into it.

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