Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't like herbal tea ? Try this !!

 There was a time I did not like or enjoy the taste of herbal tea. I knew the benefits to drinking it, so when I first started, I drank it as a medicine food, just ignoring the fact I did not enjoy the taste. I then decided I really wanted to enjoy the taste, so do I tried putting a teaspoon of regular sugar in it.

 It worked, but this just felt contradicting to me. I wanted something to benefit my health and adding sugar to my tea worked for a little bit, but I knew there had to be another way to enjoy my herbal tea without adding regular sugar to it. I heard about Stevia, an all natural sugar. I tried it but disliked the after taste.

Then one day while trying a detox tea I bought, I decided to put two tea bags in rather than one to give my system a good detoxing, well determined to drink the tea without adding sugar to it, I discovered the taste wasn't so bad when I added two bags to it, making it a stronger flavor. After this realization I tried mixing different herbal teas together, always using two bags and discovered I really did enjoy the taste when it was made with a stronger taste. I no longer needed to add sugar, I only needed to add another tea bag, creating a flavor that wasn't so watery.

Adding herbal tea to your diet benefits your body in many ways from benefiting your physical and emotional health, to setting forth the intention of creating better health for yourself, therefor putting yourself in the right place to attain better health and feeling good knowing you can make small changes in order to create a healthier you.

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