Thursday, May 26, 2011

ADD, ADHD, ODD, OCD, the spiritual side.

Is it possible that these children, even adults are unconsciously aware of something that people without this diagnosis is not aware of ? Could they have a deeper understanding of the way life is suppose to be without even being aware they have this knowledge ? Could it be their conscious is trying to balance what everyone is telling them, with what their unconscious already knows ?

 Is it possible that their soul or inner knowing, is in system overload or feel completely out of place because the knowledge that is lying dormant within them is far deeper than the majority of others, including school authorities, parents, government, law enforcement, and anybody and anything that represses their true being and knowing, that they are yet to even understand themselves ?

The major problem lies with the fact that we have been programmed or conformed to behave a certain way, therefor those who act out of the set ways we have deemed abnormal, when really what we consider normal is very far from the truth, and somewhere within these kids they know this, and because they do not understand this or why they feel so much anxiety or energy about the ways of this world right now, they know no other way then to rebel against authority in unproductive ways or try to control or make their life as perfect as they can.

These children are usually placed on medicine that dulls their true essence. Because the adults cannot understand what these children are experiencing, the children are numbed from experiencing who they are. I can say this with personal experience, as one of my own children was placed on meds. for a little over a year, for two of the previously mentioned diagnosis.

After subjecting meds. to my child for over a year, not liking one minute of it, but not knowing any other way, the first time this child came to me at the age of 6 and told me he no longer wanted to take his medicine, I made every effort to make this a reality. Being firm with the school, yet understanding their position, made the transition and extra support easier for everyone.

Life is not easy with children who have the symptoms of these labels, but they were sent to you for a reason, because you have the ability to provide them what they need, a lot of patience, love and understanding. These children, whether noticeable or not are very sensitive children and need the extra support, but in the future, these children will more than likely be the ones, to guide us into the coming future where there will be no room for anything but love and acceptance. They ARE the movers and shakers in this world.

These children were born knowing that this world is not the loving world it should be, and find it very hard to fit in. Help them lower their anxieties by learning more about what is to come in the following years, read up on ascension and the process we are all undertaking to become the loving beings we were meant to be. These children are already half aware, and need the adults in their life to help them understand fully, so they no longer feel different or labeled. Parents, please know we were programmed to think that meds. are the best way to treat these diagnosis, but deep down it probably doesn't feel right.

It is time to take our children off these mind numbing drugs, and let them be who they were meant to be. It s not the children who need the help it is humanity who needs to wake up !! I have posted other articles on this topic and plan for many more.

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