Friday, May 6, 2011

Are you surrounded by angry people in your life ?

Do you find yourself surrounded by people who have aggressive personalities, or get loud even belligerent when angry ? Have you ever wondered why ? Here are a few possibilities; one could be that you are very sensitive and fear people who show anger or aggression, another reason may be you have your own anger within that is attracting more of the same, or you may have a healing energy about you, where others can unconsciously be attracted to the soothing energy you carry.

These possibilities have some solutions to lessen the negative energy around you, but non that will remedy this situation over night.

If you find yourself to be overly sensitive or cannot bare to be around any type of aggression, including verbal, physical, psychologically, or any other, than there may be a lesson that you need to learn in order to decrease the aggressive energy that keeps popping up around you. You see, what you fear, you will call to you, and you see, there is good reason for this. If we do not face our fears than we will always be forced to live with many limitations and these limitations will prevent you from doing things that will benefit not only your day to day life, but your over all evolution. You have the opportunity to learn how to set boundaries and speak your truth.

So when we fear another's anger or aggression we call it back to us, in order to give us the opportunity to face our fear and let go of the anxiety and limits it places on us. If we can learn that another's anger is their issue and we do not have to fear it, then we can begin to understand we only have to choose differently in how we respond to it. If we can learn to be in the presence of anger and consciously make the choice to experience that moment as an opportunity to learn and choose to keep our power and respond with a controlled response rather than surcoming to the fight or flight response, than we can begin to understand that there is nothing to fear than fear itself.

Angry people may be attracted to you if you carry an abundance of angry or aggressive energy within, so remember this...LIKE  ATTRACTS LIKE. The energy you put out there is the same energy that will return to you. If you carry a lot of angry energy than you will attract more angry energy, even situations that will cause you to become angry. Same goes for aggression, and every other emotion out there. The trick here is to find out what is causing your anger. This may be something you are well aware of, or it may be something you have to spend some time figuring out, either way as you decrease your own aggressive energy, you will find yourself confronted with less people who carry that aggressive energy within them.

The other reason for the aggressive seeking you out, may be for your calming energy. You see people can sense a sensitive soul, whether consciously or not and can be attracted to you. They seem to spill their guts to you, giving them some relief to their pent up aggression by expressing it to someone they feel will understand. You can pray or protect yourself by asking to be surrounded by light or energy, even Angels that will somewhat clear your path of these energy seekers, unless you are meant to and able to help them, and when already in a situation with one of them, Angel protection can protect you from the negative energy leaving them, as well as prevent them from taking your energy.

Being surrounded by negativity is not healthy for any one. It may be necessary every so often, in order to evolve in someway, but there are many things you can do in order to minimize any unnecessary encounters with aggressive behaviors or situation.

May peace be with you.

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