Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 Some of us have an abundance of it, and others could use a large dose of it ! Empathy is the ability to understand of feel what another person is feeling. It would be expected that if you know how another is feeling you would act accordingly, to help them through what it is they are experiencing.

If you have an abundance of empathy, you can easily tell or actually feel within yourself, what another person is feeling, you may actually be what is called an empath. Being an empath is actually a psychic or spiritual gift. Another name for an empath or someone who can feel anothers feelings is clairsentience. If you have a strong ability to feel what the people you are surrounded by, it can almost seem over whelming at times, as there can be confusion as to whether or not you are feeling your feelings or the feelings of others around you. There are steps you can take to lesson the effects of others feelings or energy on you. You can simply ask for a bubble of protection to be placed around you when encountering someone who is spewing negative energy, or when going into a difficult situation. There are also crystals and gems that offer protection from negative energy.

On the flip side of having an abundance of empathy, are those who do not have enough, or have buried it as a means of protecting themselves. People who suffer from a lack of empathy seem callus, mean, harsh, unsympathetic, ans such. They seem to lack compassion for life, people, animals, even themselves. You may ask why they would bury their empathy as a means of protecting themselves. Here's why many people why seem to lack the quality of empathy. They are an empath themselves, and throughout the years, having to deal with an abundance of emotions, and not understanding why, found it easier to shut of their ability to feel what others feel, and found a way to numb, lessen, or completely cut themselves off from all emotions.

Sociopaths are thought to be empaths. Empaths that used their ability to feel anothers pain or suffering. For whatever reason they shut off the compassion and became so disconnected with the light, they actually feed off other peoples emotions.

There is a balance when it comes to feeling empathy for another person, situation, animal, plant, or even our mother earth. The balance is when you can find it in you heart to try and truly understand what another person or life form is feeling and give them the compassion it merits. You can separate (sometime it takes practice) yourself from what another person is feeling, so it does not effect or unbalance your energy, yet still put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if I were them, what would make me feel better?

Sometime there is no action that can be done.  Sometimes we only need someone to sit with us and try to understand and validate what we are feeling. This is being an empath, just knowing or feeling what another person is experiencing, can give great comfort to the other person, as they feel validated or understood, maybe for the first time ever. Empathy is a gift or a quality, that should not only cherished, but become more talked about. If everyone could find empathy for those who are suffering, this world would be a much kinder and loving place.

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